12 Jun

As a Diabetic, you’ll need to choose your selections wisely.

If you have Diabetes, you know how important it is to eat snacks regularly. They’re every bit as important as the meals that you consume because they help keep your blood glucose levels stable. However, that doesn’t mean, that every snack is created equal. Some are nothing but calorie-laden, fat-filled, sugary treats that are better off being thrown away than consumed by anyone. What you choose to eat makes a world of difference in how you function and feel throughout the day.

Here are some of the things to look for in the perfect snack:

It’s filling

You shouldn’t want to eat something else after having a snack. It should satisfy your hunger and help you get through the period of time between meals. A snack is meant to fill you up until it’s time to sit down and enjoy your next meal.

It’s low-calorie

Snacks should fit your caloric needs as sensibly as possible. Consuming too many calories and not burning enough calories can lead to weight gain. Check the labels on all packaging to see the serving size and calories per serving for the items you’ve chosen to eat as a snack.

It isn’t sugary

You’ll want to look for snacks with five grams of sugar or less. The Sugar Smart Box contains products that have between zero to two grams of sugar in them. That means that you can enjoy your snack without an ounce of guilt.

It has fiber in it

Fiber helps make you feel full longer. It also cleanses the intestines which adds to your overall health. Fiber is considered bulk because it isn’t digestible, but it does help you eliminate waste products better.

It’s packed with protein

The macronutrient fuels the body by repairing and building muscle. Look for snacks that have a good amount of protein because you’ll be getting more bang for the number of calories you’re consuming. Like fiber, protein helps you feel less hungry which means that you’ll be less likely to eat a second snack.

It tastes delicious

More important than anything else on the list, a snack must taste good so that you want to eat it. If it doesn’t, you’ve wasted money and are forced to wait until mealtime to have something else. You’ll know right away which types of snacks you prefer, and thanks to our snack box, you’ll have a variety of items to choose from at all times.

It’s portable

With so many people on the go these days, it’s imperative that snacks travel well. That way, you can eat them wherever you’re at without making a mess. You can eat a snack at work, while commuting, or even while you wait for your kids to get out of soccer practice or dance class.

Now that you know what the perfect snack consists of, you’ll have an easier time making choices for yourself going forward. You won’t worry about your blood sugar spiking unexpectedly nor will you need to think about becoming hungry again in a short period of time. The right snack makes it so you feel full longer and consume less of the bad stuff (sugar, fat, and salt).

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