28 Aug

When it come to managing your blood glucose or your weight, portion control plays a very important role. What exactly is a portion, though? And how is it different from a serving?

–> A serving is a measured amount of a food or drink that is used in providing nutrition recommendations and a portion is the amount of that food or drink that YOU choose to eat.

Controlling portion sizes can help you to control your calorie and carbohydrate intake. By being able to better help you control your blood glucose levels and weight, portion control can potentially help reduce your dosage of or need for certain medications. To help you manage your portions, try the following:

1. Use portion-control that is already divided into appropriate portion sizes.

2. Measure your food using cups and maybe a small food scale and see what these amounts look like on your plate.

3. Use smaller plates and glasses to avoid super-sizing your portions.

4. Pace yourself and keep serving dishes in the kitchen rather than on the dining table to assess your need for true hunger.

5. Practice mindful eating to avoid distractions and focus attention on the food, its serving sizes, and your portions.

6. When eating out, split half of your entree with someone or take it to go.


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